The Smoothie is a high-octane performance longboard built to excel in powerful, hollow waves. The pulled in tail fits well in the pocket, providing control through turns, while the increased rocker lends itself to high-performance surfing without compromising the ability to nose ride. While this board can be ridden in virtually all conditions, it is Ben's go-to board in substantial surf when conditions get proper.

"When the waves are good, this is the board I turn to, every time" - Ben Skinner

9’ 1″ x 22 1/4″ x 2 3/4″


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Just $14 per day

Minimum one day per booking.

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Board Costs Itinerary

Board replacement cost: $1100.00
Tail pad replacement cost: $30.00
Leash replacement cost: $30.00
Fins replacement cost: $100.00
Board bag replacement cost: $100

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